MEPCO Bill Online May 2024 – Check Free Duplicate Bill

Mepco Bill Checker

Are you looking for a convenient way to access and manage your MEPCO electricity bill from Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO)? Look no further as MEPCO offers an online bill service that allows you to easily check and pay your bill with just a few clicks. The service is designed to provide customers with a hassle-free experience when it comes to handling their electricity bills.

MEPCO Online Billing system allows you to easily pay your MEPCO bill online. To make a online MEPCO bill payment, you will need your 14 digit reference number. This reference number can be found on your previous bill copy. Simply enter the reference number or your customer id on the MEPCO website to pay the bill. By using the online platform, you can also view your bill history and check your MEPCO online bill for any discrepancies or reduce your bill. If you pay the bill through MEPCO online, you can get your bill at any time and won’t have to worry about a MEPCO duplicate bill. MEPCO also offers a helpline for any assistance with your WAPDA bill or disco tariff rationalization surcharge.

MEPCO bill online check

MEPCO provides its customers with a convenient way not only to check their monthly bill but also to calculate monthly MEPCO bill. This allows you to evaluate the price of electricity units consumed each month through their online system. Customers can easily access and check the bill payment status without having to visit the MEPCO office in person. Whether you want to check your mepco electricity bill online for the current month or view the latest mepco bill, you can do so easily online. You can also pay your electricity bill online using the platform. If you need any assistance, you can always contact the MEPCO helpline for support.

Mepco enables citizens to pay their bills 5x time quicker than standing in long queues to pay them. It’s super easy to check Mepco utility bills online by navigating their official website  It’s straightforward to follow, hassle-free transparent convenient way, and less-time consuming up-to-date paying bill process. Simply, follow the below given guidelines to check your Mepco bill through an online medium.

  • Navigate the Mepco website  
  • Now, insert 14-digit references without any space in the designated field. You can locate your reference number printed at the top columns of your previous duplicate copy of the electricity bill.
  • Now, select your electricity distribution company. Tap on the option “Check bill” to obtain the latest domestic or industrial electricity bill immediately.
  • Now, you’re able to see in-detail information such as the due date, meter reading date, fuel price adjustment price, and extra charges in the case after the due date of payment.
  • Besides this, there is availability to download the duplicate Mepco bill. You can print out it.
  • Make sure to type your reference code correctly to avoid any confusion and to get accurate results for your bill.
MEPCO Bill online

Without a reference number, the possibility is available on the Mepco website to access your exact bill amount.  Simply, follow the given steps:

  • Navigate the MEPCO official website. You can also utilise their mobile phone application.
  • Next, search the option of ” Bill inquiry” on the site. 
  • Then, type your connection number, or valid 10-digit customer ID, printed on last month’s bill.
  • Now, you can access the updated information on your current electricity bill.  However, in case of any query, feel free to contact Mepco customer services.

Have you ever given a try to comprehend the Mepco electricity bill details? If not yet, try it now. It’s the fundamental key to having comprehensive knowledge regarding utility bill details in managing your daily electricity consumption effectively and conserving your wallet. Take it as a moral obligation to be aware of necessary electricity particulars. However, Mepco’s hassle-free online services save you time not to spend on official visits, assist in recovering lost bills, and keep a record of your bills. Generally, the electricity bill comprises information like.

  • The name of the customer including address, and number.
  •  The deadline to pay the bill, and after the due date with extra charges.
  • The previous month’s electricity bill balance.
  • The issue date, and meter reading date are also mentioned.
  • Total electricity consumption charges of the recent month. 
  •  Taxes and other charges such as Govt taxes for electricity development, and total FPA.

Operational Areas Under MEPCO

Since 1998, Mepco has supplied electricity to South Punjab. The brilliance of the company lies in the fact that it handles 13 regional municipality issues in a super manageable way. Without interruption, its vast network spreads power lines over 92,000 kilometers and serves 36 million customers, 672 feeders, and 786 grid stations. Mepco utilizes modern technology to fix issues quickly to run the electricity smoothly. The major operational cities of Mepco comprise:

Name of CityName of cityName of City
Rahim Yar KhanMuzaffargarhBahawalnagar
Dera Ghazi KhanKhanewal 

MEPCO Peak Hours Detail

It’s a long-term useful solution to have adequate awareness about Mepco peak hours to redeem the impact of costly expenditures of extra taxes. By comprehending this, you’re able to manage electricity usage effectively by shaping your daily routines, converse consumption and can lessen your bills. Utilize the below-mentioned Mepco peak hours efficiently and benefit yourself financially. The peak hours timing of Mepco include.

Month NamePeak Hour Timing
April to October6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
November to March6:00  pm to 10:00 pm

Effective Customer Care Information of MEPCO

Mepco always strives to assist its customers within the time frame as possible. They have provided a helpline number for Mepco cities to resolve their queries, and issues regarding electricity bills. You can directly make contact with them as they deliver effective services 24 hours. Additionally,  you can discuss your issue in detail by writing an email. Following are the contact numbers of Mepco for customers.

Effective Customer Care Information of Mepco

Mepco always strives to assist its customers within the time frame as possible. They have provided a helpline number for Mepco cities to resolve their queries, and issues regarding electricity bills. You can directly contact them as they deliver effective services 24 hours. Additionally, you can discuss your issue in detail by writing an email [email protected]. Following are the contact numbers of MEPCO for customers:

City NameHelpline Number
Vehari067- 3360282
Dera Ghazi khan064-9239229
Rahim Yar Khan068-9230160
Bhawal Nagar063-9239031

Besides energy consumption units, there are certain taxes, and surcharges added to your bill. It’s important to know what are they paying for.  These taxes include:

MEPCO Bill surcharges and taxes

Fuel Price Adjustment ( FPA)

Based on the rental power companies’ fuel pricing which generates electricity from crude oil, this price is added to your bill. When there are fluctuations in prices, your bill amount increases accordingly.

F.C Surcharges

You may notice this term on your bill F.C stands for Financing Cost. It’s decided by the officers to add to your bill up to 43 paisa per unit. These F.C. surcharges are linked with Power Holding Private Limited servicing debt, they will assist in covering financing costs to deliver stable lighting.

T.R Surcharges

 T.R. surcharges means Tariff Rationalization surcharges, which shows the distinction between GOP (Government of Pakistan) and NEPRA (National Electric Power Regulatory Authority). GOP pays it as a subsidy in case of a positive difference, but if the difference is negative then the company has to pay GOP the remaining amount as Inter DISCO T.R surcharges. You should know about it as it’s included in your bill.

Deferred Amount

There is an ease in paying the deferred amount. You can pay it with the whole payment of the current bill, or with the next coming bill. It’s your choice whether to pay in installment or next month fully.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Mepco online services work like a seamless advantage for those who are looking for a convenient, and effortless way to pay and check their electricity bills. By all means, its super facilitative assistance provides comfort to its customers.  With Mepco, take a wise step by adopting its online payment system. Surely, this article will assist you in understanding the basic things about Mepco’s electricity bill.

There are various benefits to choosing the Mepco online system to pay electricity bills. These benefits are:

  • You can easily access information about your bill, pay it at home, and save time.
  • Mepco ensures a speedy transaction so that you can complete your payment within a few seconds.
  • Most importantly, it’s a very quick and convenient way for every citizen to utilize the Mepco website effortlessly

The process is quite simple to follow to check Mepco bills through the meter number. You need to type STMT and meter number and send it to 46040 to get updated information about your current bill.