MEPCO Bill Payment Online & Offline

Anxious as to how to figure out the way to pay utility bills monthly? Don’t panic, this quick guide will explain to you how you can effortlessly pay your Mepco bill. However, the online source is a blessing in disguise to pay bills. Surely, after reading this post you’ll find your convenient online app and my absolute favorite one which is the Daraz Wallet app.

I’m going to discuss in detail the sources of Mepco bill payment, the physical and the online. However, it’s pretty intuitive to use an online way, stress-relieving process, with less chance of missing your payment. One key thing you need to pay heed to is the reference number of your connection.  And keep on scrolling if you want to break the shackles of uncertainty.

MEPCO Bill Payment Online

Pay Mepco Bill Physically

In Pakistan, many citizens prefer to go for the option of physical sources to pay their bills despite the availability of convenient online ways.  However, it’s a prolonged and tiring process. Due to digital illiteracy, people avoid opting for the online option. This traditional method means waiting in long queues to pay the bill and also consumes important time. The government of Pakistan has established various resources for the people to pay their bills such as

  • All Commercial Banks
  • Pakistan Post Office
  • Utility Bill Payment Shops

If you’ve enough time, you can go for this option. I highly recommend you use the online method instead of the physical one because it causes so much tension for me. Mostly, the utility shops didn’t transform my bill payment as a result, next month I got the shocking surprise of having a double bill. So I started to pay my utility bill through the online system and now I’m highly satisfied because it redeems my stress of bill payment. You can also trust online sources which are as night as rain.

Mepco Bill Payment Online

  We’re living in a golden age of technological advancement which makes the lives of people easier and more convenient. You need to jump on the bandwagon of hassle-free online methods for your electricity bill payment. Additionally, various companies and banks offer online systems so that you can pay your bill without wasting any time. In this guide, I’ll explain to you how to pay your utility bill through online methods with minimal effort, keep on scrolling.

Mepco delivers remarkable services for their customers by partnering with companies to give them a sigh of relief about bill payments. These applications are trustworthy, user-friendly, and offer services that use Android or iPhone. No worries, If you’re unaware of the process online, you can break a leg by following the below given method instructions.

Jazz Cash Application for Mepco Bill Payment Online

Jazz cash, the time-saving convenient option, allows customers to pay their electricity bill without any uncertainty. It’s simple as pie to utilize the 2 ways of paying bills through Jazz Cash. By using the app or Mobilink users dial “786# on their registered number for bill payment.  However, Non-Mobilink users can relish the Jazz Cash application for the completion of their transactions. Simply follow these steps: 

  • From the Google Play Store, download the Jazz Cash application.   
  • Now, sign in on it for an online bill payment.
  •  Navigate to the option “Utility Bills” and then, select your electricity company as Mepco.
  • After this, type your 14-digit reference connection number, typed on the top front of your utility bill copy. 
  • Next, tap on the option of “Bill Payment”. Finally, press the “Pay Now Button”.

And you’ve done it, congratulations!

Easy Paisa Application for Mepco Bill Payment Online

Easy Paisa, the most trustworthy online application, offers quick service for bill payment, utilized by thousands of Pakistanis. Regardless of whether you want to pay your electricity, gas, or internet bill, Easy Paisa always strives to show its best services. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Hit enter “Easy Paisa Application” on the Google Play store and download it.
  • Then, sign in to your account to proceed further.
  • Next, press on the icon of bill payment
  • Then, you have to choose the type of bill from the drop-down list as Electricity. Don’t forget to select the type to avoid any confusion.
  • After this, from the given option choose Mepco and type your 14-digits reference number.
  • Next, press the “Pay Now Button”.  That’s all you need to do simply. A confirmation message will be sent to you regarding the bill paid status.

Utilize the Daraz Wallet Application to Pay Mepco Bill

You have checked your monthly MEPCO bill and now you want an instant, quick, and highly reliable method to pay this electricity bills? If yes, then Daraz Wallet’s advanced feature of paying bills is the best option. Being a Daraz regular user, It’s a remarkable experience to use this wonderful application.  You must try out its feature to pay bills. On top of that, it offers a discount when you first time use it to pay your bill. Here’s a guide, on how to use it

  • Navigate to your Daraz Wallet on your Android.
  •  Then, choose the icon of “Pay Bills” on its main display
  • Now, choose your utility company as Mepco.
  • After this, type your 14-digit reference number. Next, press on the pay button.

Mepco Bill Payment Via Online Banking Process

Through your bank accounts, you can also smoothly pay your bill especially, when you’re out of the city and suddenly remember today is the last date of your electricity bill payment. In this hurry situation, the online banking option is best. Follow these simple steps to pay your bill that are implemented in any registered bank. 

  • Navigate to your bank application on your phone.
  • Go to the section where you pay a utility bill.
  • Then, choose the category “Electricity Bill Payment” and the provider as “MEPCO” from the drop-down list.
  • Now, type your reference number of the connection.
  • Then, type your password for the transaction and tap on the pay button. It’s the safest and most secure method to pay your bill without any worry.

Pay MEPCO Bill Through Credit Card

The process is quite simple if you want to pay your bill through a credit card.  Follow these steps carefully

  • Navigate to your desired bank application on which you have an account.
  • Tap on the option of payments and select the “Electricity bill payment” option.
  • From the search bar, select Mepco as your provider.
  • After this, carefully type your 14-digit reference number.
  • Within seconds, the information about your Mepco bill will pop up on your screen.
  • Tap on the option “next” and then, type your MIPN of credit card.
  • Within a minute, you’ll receive the message of your payment successfully.