MEPCO MIS – Online Information Management System

MEPCO MIS, the largest electricity distributor, operates from the Divisional level down to the Tehsil level. Covering 13 districts in South Punjab, Multan Electric Power Company (MEPCO) is dedicated to offering a consumer-friendly and adaptable atmosphere. With approximately 35 million registered consumers, MEPCO ensures their records are consistently updated and safeguarded.

MEPCO MIS – Online Management Information System utilizes advanced technological resources to maintain comprehensive records of consumer data. Managed by the MEPCO administration at division and subdivision levels, MIS is an efficient and well-structured system.

Authorized Managers have secure login details for accessing MIS, which includes a range of consumer-related information such as New Connections Requests, Court Cases, Cash Debit and Credit, Defaulter Recoveries, Online Customer Bill Correction, and Transfer Connections requests.

How to Access the MEPCO MIS

To access your MEPCO MIS online account, authorized MEPCO managers or staff members can simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the official MEPCO website and click on ‘Employee Corner.
  • Choose MEPCO MIS to log in to your account at
  • Enter your User Name and Password to access your account.
  •  If you are a new MEPCO employee, make sure to ask your officer for login credentials as you will need them to access your account.

MEPCO managers have the main responsibility of overseeing the Management Information System (MIS) and its operations. Key features of the MIS include

MEPCO MIS Featured Responsibility

Court Cases Record

The Management Information System (MIS) documents and stores information on court cases pertaining to various investigations related to MEPCO. All court case records, past and present, are managed by MIS. The outcomes, decisions, judgments, and investigations of these cases are recorded and archived for reference purposes.

New Connection Requests

MEPCO is expanding its electricity distribution services, which includes processing new connection requests. MIS maintains a record of all new connection requests, including the number of connections installed, pending requests, and any issues encountered during the installation process. Complaints regarding new connections are logged and addressed by supervisors.

Bill Correction

MEPCO’s Management Information System (MIS) guarantees precise billing adjustments for online clients. The MIS platform is created to uphold precise and current documentation of your power usage. In the event of identifying any inaccuracies in billing, our specialized team employs the MIS system to commence an efficient correction procedure.

Cash Record

Cash transactions are recorded by managers and administrative bodies at various levels within the organization. The history of cash inflows and outflows is safeguarded by the Management Information System (MIS). Managers also address complaints from consumers regarding payment issues.

Defaulters Recovery Status

The status of recovering payments from consumers, known as defaulters, is monitored in MEPCO. The MIS system ensures the accuracy of all recovery records. It tracks and manages whether payments have been received from defaulters or not.

Maintains the documentation of financial transactions

The MEPCO Management Information System (MIS) team meticulously reviews the company’s credits and debits at both divisional and sub-divisional levels. Additionally, this digital system archives all cash payments and receipts in its database.

Online Complaints Status

Customers have the option to file grievances regarding bill corrections, new service connections, payments, and transferring services. The Management Information System (MIS) is tasked with monitoring and addressing customer complaints promptly. Detailed records of all complaints received, resolved, and pending are kept in the administrative department of MEPCO’s MIS.

MEPCO, a reputable electricity provider that is operational and managed efficiently, has implemented a reliable online information system to provide top-notch services, establish consumer confidence, gain credibility, and address complaints in a timely manner.


MEPCO’s Management Information System (MIS) is an integral component of our dedication to delivering precise and dependable services to our esteemed customers. Utilizing this data organization system, our MIS identifies and rectifies billing inaccuracies promptly, ensuring transparency and responsibility in our activities. As we persist in our pursuit of superior customer contentment, MEPCO MIS continues to play a vital role in maintaining the utmost levels of service provision. We are steadfast in our commitment to serving you with honesty and effectiveness.

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