Online Application MEPCO New Connection

If you reside in Multan and wish to request a new connection from MEPCO, you can easily do so by completing an electronic application form and submitting it. Simply fill out the form and allow MEPCO ENC (Electricity New Connection) to take care of the rest. The relevant department at MEPCO promptly begins the application process after the form is submitted.

Feeling overwhelmed by the application procedure? No need to worry! MEPCO’s online billing system will manage it efficiently and in a timely manner. The online new connection service eliminates the need to visit the MEPCO office and wait in long lines. Simply apply from your home, and the online application process allows you to track the status of your application online.

Application for MEPCO New Electricity Meter Connection 

To start the process of applying for a new connection online, you need to access the ENC (Electricity New Connection) system or the designated online application portal. MEPCO’s new connection application form is divided into 5 steps, each containing various sub-steps.

 It is important to fill out all the mandatory fields accurately to ensure the information provided is correct. Please make sure to input valid and genuine details as incomplete or false information will lead to your application being rejected. Prior to submitting your application for a new connection, make sure you have the following documents ready:

  • A copy of a neighbor’s MEPCO electricity bill
  • Proof of ownership for your property
  • An attested copy of your CNIC
  • An attested copy of a witness’s CNIC
  • The wiring contractor’s test report for your house

MEPCO New Connection Process (Manually)

Please note that the mentioned documents should be available in both hard copy and soft copy formats, either JPG or PDF.

MEPCO New Connection Application Form Download

Download the application form for a new connection from MEPCO. You can find the form here for easy access. We will go through the 5 steps in detail, providing a more convenient option to complete and submit the form using a desktop or laptop.

Sub-Division information

  • Category type
  • Distribution Type
  • Neighbor’s Bill Reference Number
  • Sub Division
  • Distribution Type
MEPCO New Connection

Essential Needed Documents for Mepco New Connection

It’s guaranteed advice, you’ll easily get your new connection if you pay heed to below below-mentioned required documents. These are very important during the process.

  • The undertaking of an applicant for the confirmation that no pending dues, and no existing connection is under premises.
  • Attested a registry copy of the ownership of the applicant by the 17th-grade officer.
  • Attested CNIC of the applicant along with the attested CNIC of 2 witnesses (not required in case of single phase connection).
  • One stamp-attested NOC copy if you’re living in a rental house.
  • One stamp Attested Permission letter from the household’s owner (when your house has 2 owners).
  • Attested allotment letter in case of residing in a housing society.

Attention ! If you have already completed the installation of an electricity connection, there is no requirement to supply a neighbor’s reference number.

MEPCO New Connection Process

Step 1- Access the ENC online application portal on your desktop or laptop.

Step 2- Navigate to the homepage and find the “apply” button, then click on it.

Step 3- Enter the neighbor’s reference number into the designated field. Once you input this number, other fields such as your neighbor’s Name and Address, the distribution company name, as well as the corresponding sub-division name and code, will be automatically filled in.

Step 4- In the next section, you will be asked to specify your load type. You must select from the available options, such as 5 KW for domestic connections, or above 5 KW for industrial and commercial connections.

Step 5- In this section, you will need to choose your connection type, selecting Domestic for residential connections, or Agricultural and industrial for commercial connections.

Step 6- If you reside in a rented house and are applying for a new connection, select “Tenant”. If you own the house, select “Landlord”.

Step7- In the following section, enter your full name with correct spelling in the first box and your father/husband’s name in the second box.

Step 8- For nationality, choose the first option if you are a Pakistani and move on to the next step. In this section, provide your CNIC number along with your address.

Step 9- In the next section for mobile numbers, enter your personal mobile number in the first field and your father/husband’s mobile number in the second field.

Step 10- This part of the form requires the contact information of the individual who is getting the new connection. If that person is you, simply choose the same option as above and all the necessary fields will be automatically filled in.

Step 11- You will also need to provide details about the premises where you want the new connection. If you already have an electricity meter installed, please indicate it here. Otherwise, select “0”.

Step 12- Next, you will be asked to specify the load requirement for the new electricity connection. Choose your desired load and provide the address where the new meter should be installed.

Step 13- In this section, you should list the number of appliances being used in your household. For example, if you have one air conditioner, specify it in the field and select the quantity in the next section. After indicating the quantity, input the load consumed by the electric appliances. You can add more appliances one by one by selecting “Add Row”.

Step 14- Once the form is completed, the next procedure involves uploading the previously mentioned scanned documents by selecting the browse option.

Step 15- Review all the information on the MEPCO new connection request form and terms and conditions before clicking on the I Agree button.

To submit the form, enter the captcha code and input numbers into the required field, then click on the “Submit” button.

Once the online new connection application is submitted, we can move on to the next phase.

How to Check MEPCO New Meter Connection Status

After applying for a new connection, you will receive a tracking number to monitor the status of your MEPCO new connection application. 

Step 1- Click on the button below to access the ENC (Electricity New Connection) portal. (IDR BUTTON LGANA HAI)

Step2- On the left side of the webpage, click on the “Track” button to open a form with two options. 

Step3- Select the first option to track a new connection application, or choose the second option for monitoring a change of name/tariff/load application.

Step4- For a new connection application, enter the name of the distribution company and the tracking ID. If you are getting a new connection from MEPCO, select MEPCO from the dropdown menu.

Step5- After selecting the company, input the tracking number that was provided to you when you submitted your application online.

 Once you have entered the necessary details, the screen will show the status of your application and provide the important information about your request.

MEPCO Demand Notice

Once you submit a new connection application, the MEPCO ENC team will thoroughly examine the entire process and see it through to completion. The ENC team will oversee essential elements such as the length of the service line, conductors, and other equipment necessary for installing the new meter connection. After all the required elements have been evaluated, a demand notice will be issued. The status of your application will show either “Review completed” or “Pay Demand Notice Fee.” You can now access and download your demand notice voucher through the ENC portal. 

How to Apply MEPCO Demand Notice Online

Step 1: Go to the ENC Portal.

Step 2: Click on the “Print DN” button located on the left side of the page.

Step 3: After clicking, a form will show up on the right side asking you to select the application type for the new connection option.

Step 4: Once you have chosen the application type, a field will ask for your new connection application tracking number. Enter the tracking number and click on “Submit.”

Step 5: Next, a demand notice form will appear, allowing you to either “Download” or “Print” it. Review the form and choose your preferred option.

Note- Please note that to expedite your application, make sure to pay the demand notice fee at your nearest bank.

How to Submit Demand Notice Online

Once you have paid the MEPCO new connection fee, you can proceed to apply for a demand notice online. In order to do so, you will need to have a scanned copy of the paid demand notice fee.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1. Go to the ENC portal.

Step 2. Select the “upload DN” option as shown in the image.

Step 3. Choose the application type as a new connection.

Step 4. Enter your tracking number and click on the submit button.

Step 5. A window will appear asking you to upload the scanned copy of the demand notice. Upload the file and save it. This will submit your demand notice to MEPCO management.

Note- Please note that if you make timely payment and upload the demand notice on the ENC portal, your new connection will be installed within 15 days as per the official procedure.

MEPCO New Connection Demand Notice Fee

The charges for the demand notice include both set fees and fluctuating costs. The fluctuating costs are influenced by variables like the size of the service line, type of connection (single-phase or three-phase), and whether the location is Rural or Urban.

MEPCO charges for new connections in the following categories:

1. Rural single-phase service connection with 2 Core 10 sq mm PVC

  • For a service line up to 40 meters: Rs. 4,000
  • For a service line between 41-100 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure): Rs. 4,000 plus Rs. 200 per meter
  • For a service line between 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures): Rs. 16,000 plus Rs. 250 per meter

2. Urban single-phase service connection with 2 Core 10 sq mm PVC

  • For a service line up to 40 meters: Rs. 4,000
  • For a service line between 41-100 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and one pole/structure): Rs. 4,000 plus Rs. 200 per meter
  • For a service line between 101-160 meters (with one span of Ant Conductor and two poles/structures): Rs. 16,000 plus Rs. 250 per meter
  • Three-phase service connections (both Urban & Rural) with 4 Core 10 sq mm PVC have a different set of charges.

3A: Service line length of up to and including 40 meters

Price: 15,000

3B: Service line length of 41-100 meters (with one Ant Conductor span and one pole/structure)

Price: 15,000 + Rs.260 per meter

3C: Service line length of 101-160 meters (with one Ant Conductor span and two poles/structures)

Price: 30,600 + Rs.300 per meter

3D: Service line length of 160-280 meters (with one Ant Conductor span and two poles/structures)

Price: 48,600 + Rs.340 per meter


All in all, Mepco has made the new meter connection easier and smoother. I’m mentioning you after having a good experience. There are 2 options you can choose whether to apply online or by hand for your new connection. The online option is super comfortable rather than a prolonged and tiring option of manually. Surely, this article will assist you in understanding the whole process as possible.  The ball is in your court to go for which choice.

Mepco will demand some additional documents along with the application form such as from SECP the Charge Creation Certificate, the company’s directed attested CNIC, NOC, Certificate of Incorporation from private limited companies, and permission letter in case of more than one owner.

Firstly, you don’t need to select the bank to pay the demand notice fee. It will be mentioned on the form, you must follow the designated bank.

Yes, it’s mandatory to attest the given documents by a 17th-grade officer. Otherwise, your application will not be acceptable.